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A Happy Life Is Within Reach

Life Coaching with LDS values


Meet Amber

Certified Life Coach for Women & Teens

I don't know you yet, but I want you to enjoy motherhood more than you are now.

If you want to do more, but use your kids as an excuse -

If you are feeling overwhelmed in raising kids -

If you feel like you have to do it all right -

If you don't trust yourself -

If your marriage has taken a backseat to momhood - 

If you are tired of yelling -

If you feel like a failure -

If you are ready to feel better - 

You are in the right place -- I am here to teach you how to make the whole journey more enjoyable!


What I Specialize In

Finding the FUN

Teaching valuable skills

Loving momhood

Goal Achievement

Finding YOU


The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path

of Self Love.

Begin Your

Journey Today.

When I got stuck in areas of my life and couldn't get past them by myself I got coached by Amber. Through her coaching, Amber helped me to get unstuck in those areas of my life.  Amber is relatable and easy to understand.  She helped me make changes in my life and gave me exercises that have improved my emotional health. She followed up with me to see how I was doing with the exercises.  I'm really grateful that I found Amber.

- Natalie C.

Getting coached by Amber has helped me overcome my doubts and fears.  I now have more self-confidence and see myself as valuable. Her approach was both comfortable as well as direct. I am a new person!

- Olivia Green

I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amber. She helped me see the power of my thoughts. She also taught me tools for time management, and that has helped my business grow and thrive. I appreciate her guidance and support. She is available to answer any questions that come up, and offers homework to help me continue work on my development.

- Becky L.

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