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Do I even know me?

It's a new month! It's Spring! I love Spring as it is the time of rebirth – plants come out of the ground and start blooming, animals come out of hibernation, people come out of hibernation 😁, and all things are new again. It's a great time to start anew in your own life. So this week I want you to focus on you! Your relationship with yourself and how you can improve it. How you can come to life, and create the best version of you.

We spend a lot of time working on our relationships with other people. We find out what they like and dislike, we think about how we can serve them, and we have a desire to be with them. But what about our relationship with ourselves? Do you even know what you like or dislike? Do you spend time thinking of how you can serve you? Do you feel comfortable being with you?

This, my friend, is THE most important work you can do! When you know and love you, you have more love to give. So, here are some questions you can consider as you work on the relationship with yourself – as you bloom and grow. Answer all of them or just a few, but let yourself be really open and honest. Pretend like you've just met a new friend and are getting to know him/her. • What makes me ME? • Am I celebrating my wins – all of them, all those things I do in my life that just seem like expectations (i.e. making dinner, driving kids, exercising, calling a friend, etc.)? • What can I compliment myself on today? • What brings me real joy? And have I done that thing recently? • What do I really want (like really, really want)? • What do I think of myself? • How do I treat myself? • Why am I comparing myself to others? • Do I forgive my mistakes and love me anyway?

I hope these questions help you deepen the relationship with yourself. But as always, if you need help, or want to understand more let me know and I would be honored to guide you in developing your most important relationship.

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