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Are you truly aligned?

Every year I pick a word of the year.

Something to remind me of my focus for the year.

Do you do this?

In years past my words have been surrender, intentional, create, balance.

This year my word(s) is TAKE CARE.

I want to take care of me, my business, my clients, my family.

I also want to take care in how I treat others, and in how I show up in the world.

It has already served me well in the past month.

I have frequently asked myself what I would do if I was taking care of me?

One of the physical things I decided would help me take care of me is getting Invisalign.

I had braces twice (yes, twice) as a teen……but when you don't wear your retainer and 25+ years go by things start to move around.

I am now a week into Invisalign and man, oh man do I have some serious compassion for my children in braces.

I have had a sore tongue and lip (from the plastic trays rubbing). I had a pretty severe gag reflex the first day or so. I've had to change up what I eat while I adjust. And (my husband's favorite) I am talking much less ;)

So a lot of what I was used to has changed and been effected.

Let's just say, I am much more aware of my mouth :).

When I work with my clients and they start to make some changes in their mental and emotional health, it can feel uncomfortable.

They are now more aware of what is causing them to feel stuck, or unhappy, or unfulfilled.

It is not something they are used to and they are suddenly much more concious of their thoughts and feelings than they previously were. As wellas their role in changing those patterns.

The great thing is the discomfort I am experiencing in my mouth is short-lived. Once my mouth adjusts I won't notice the discomfort anymore. And in the end I will have a beautiful smile which will make it all worth it.

The work we do in coaching is also always worth it!

The discomfort that comes from the newness of being aware of our thoughts is short-lived and soon becomes just part of life.

That awareness is what brings about the desired changes and so much empowerment.

It doesn't happen overnight (either does teeth straightening), but it is one of the most satisfying processes.

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