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DIY improvements

Do you have those projects around the house that just never get done? You know those things that have gone unattended for so long you have either forgotten about them, or you have just gotten used to them being undone? Please tell me I'm not alone.

I did one of those projects this week. We recently got rid of our pool table and did a basement redo to make things more user-friendly for our family. This meant moving things around and re-decorating.

For months, our family picture canvases have been in a pile waiting for me to hang. It was one of those things that I knew I needed to do but just didn't want to deal with.

Until 2 nights ago. I just made myself do it! I gathered the level, hammer, nails and a pencil and went to work. Turns out it wasn't that hard and took less time than I thought. But what is even better is seeing it done - enjoying the fruits of my labor. Now we can see and enjoy the pictures and I am no longer plagued with the nagging of needing to do this.

Hanging pictures is just one example of this. I dare say that we all also have those nagging thoughts about ways we want to improve ourselves.

Do we just think about them over and over so many times that we don't prioritize them?

Do we think they are not worth doing because we are not worth it?

Do we overlook those improvements because they feel too hard to do?

I have great news! Working on our own self-improvement is the best work we can do!

It is ALWAYS worth it!

You are absolutely worth any changes you want to make!

And it probably is not as hard as you think, especially with the assistance of a great life coach!

Go check out my Instagram from yesterday to read a real-life example from my life, and to see how empowering, freeing, and mind-blowing life coaching can be: @findingyoucoaching

Commit right now to picking one personal "project" that needs to be worked on.

Commit to taking the time to work on it.

Commit to researching the best tools.

These commitments will pay off in ways you don't even know yet. You will be able to look back and see the difference/improvement they have made. You will feel so much more connected to God, and you will see how simply amazing you are!

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