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How to have a million best friends

Imagine a world where there are no other people.

Just you.

Living an uninterrupted life. Doing whatever you want!

Does that sound amazing? Or like crazy-talk? Or like the Twilight Zone :)?!

I've always said that this life would be so much easier if there were no other people to deal with - haha ;). I'm joking of course.

February is known as the month of love {Valentine's Day}, and as such, relationships are often a focus.

In keeping with that theme, let's talk about relationships. And not just romantic relationships, but any AND all relationships. Relationships with your children, your in-laws, with your neighbors, friends, the grocery clerk, etc. What I'm about to teach you applies to them all.

All of your relationships are created in your mind through your thoughts about that relationship. This explains why you can have a relationship with someone who has died, or someone no longer in your life. As long as you continue to have thoughts about them, you have a relationship with them.

[if this is sounding too woohoo to you, please set up a free call with me and let me explain and show you how fundamental this idea is].

Since we get to choose our thoughts, here are the 3 areas that effect any relationship:

  1. What the other person thinks about you

  2. What you think about the other person

  3. What you think about you (in regards to that relationship)

We tend to spend most of our time thinking about #1, when that is the one area we have absolutely no control over.

My challenge for you this month is to shift your focus to #2 & #3. I want you to pick a relationship in your life that you wish was different, or that you struggle with. Just one.

Spend some time thinking (or writing down, my personal recommendation) about: - This other person and how you think they feel/think about your relationship. Maybe even what they might think of you.

- And you! How are you showing up in this relationship? Do you like it? Do you need to make any improvements?

I love this exercise because it gives you all the control! Until someone figures out how to change other people ;), we get to instead work on ourselves within that relationship – such good news!

I have done this MANY times and I have learned a lot about myself. The most alarming being that the thing I wished was different about the other person, I was guilty of myself [what???!!]. That was a hard pill to swallow inititally, but it allowed me to see the other person totally differently, be more compassionate towards them, and ultimately create an even better relationship.

Give this a try and let's make this February the month of strengthening relationships.

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