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How will you Bloom?

On a trip to Costco in the late fall, I found a trio of planted amaryllis bulbs. I was immediately drawn to them as I’m a sucker for flowers and especially when they are displayed so beautifully. I tried really hard to talk myself out of buying it, as it was not necessary - darn you Costco. But once I decided I would give two of them away that sealed the deal for me.

I brought them home and discovered that each of the vases was attached to the tray below so there was no way to separate them and give them away as I thought. I was secretly pretty excited to keep them and set them in the kitchen to bloom.

After a few weeks, this is how they bloomed, sequentially: one taller than the one next to it and one definitely shorter. It was like they were all headed for the same beautiful blooms, but were doing it at their own pace.

These flowers reminded me of an important lesson: we, each of us, are all on the same path to greatness. We all have that potential inside of us, but we are all doing it at our own pace and there is nothing wrong with that pace. We have to do it in our own unique time because then we learn the lessons we are supposed to and have the experiences necessary to become the most amazing us possible.

And it is totally not necessary to look at the other “flowers” next to us and compare because they are doing it in their own unique way. We’re all going to get there in the end so "the how" doesn’t matter and "the how" someone else is doing it also definitely doesn’t matter.

Here’s to beautiful blooming!

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