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I need YOU —- to spread the good news

It’s September!! Can you believe it? The year is 3/4 of the way over. We did it!

We are doing it!! Yes, 2020 has been a year, and I know we have all had different experiences. Today I want to tell you about mine and it has nothing to do with a very famous “C” word we use now.

This year I have gotten to know myself REALLY well. I thought becoming a life coach would make my life easier, and it has in some ways, but it also allowed me to learn about myself in a way I probably never would have. What I've learned is we each have two identities. One that knows of our innate purpose and mission, and one that will try to make us forget or suppress that purpose and mission. I believe we struggle with a constant battle between these two identities. This year I let the latter identity sit in the driver's seat. I let that pesky negative voice tell me over and over again that “I am not enough.” “I don't have anything to offer.” “I am not of value.” And I believed it!

It seemed easier to believe it because that meant I didn’t have to put myself out there. I wanted to fail just so I could prove all of these thoughts true. I wanted them to be true so badly because then I could just go back to my “easy life” and feel comfortable all of the time - haha.

And then every once in a while I’d catch a glimpse of my true identity. I’d remember how much I LOVE helping other people. I would trust myself. I would believe in myself. I would be reminded that this is my purpose.

Every time I chose to believe those awful, self-degrading thoughts, I would completely halt my progress. I would struggle and compare and not be the kind of life coach or person I wanted to be.

So here we are in September of 2020 and I am FINALLY seeing through that facade. I am starting to see the light. I am blossoming! And it has been the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done!! But this is the work I was put here to do. And learning through my own personal experience is going to set me up to be such an asset to other people.

Uncovering our core beliefs is some seriously hard work, but it results in some pretty amazing life-changing experiences and I’m not being hyperbolic! When you commit to improving yourself, you are rewarded.

I feel so passionate and excited about my role in this process! I would absolutely love for you to share this with people in your life. It has become more evident to me that not enough people know about the power of life coaching or mind management, and I would appreciate your help in spreading the good news! I'm asking that you forward this email to some friends, or suggest they check out my Instagram: @findingyoucoaching {I give away a lot of what I teach, on my Instagram and through this email - no strings attached}.

I want everyone to have this knowledge and to feel the beauty of stepping into their true identity. Will you please do this for me? And if you are ready to take it to the next level, click the button below to sign up for a free call. I would love to show you how amazing your life could be!

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