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Is February for failure?

We are now well into February.

A lot of people use January as a time to reset, re-evaluate, and set goals. At this point you may be feeling like you’ve failed and why bother starting again?

It’s possible that the goal you set was just too big. I know for me a big (hard-to-achieve-goal) actually causes a lack of motivation.

So if you're like me then consider incorporating what I like to call mini-habits.

These are small everyday habits that are more manageable and easy to accomplish.

These are habits that cause us to improve ourselves. They are baby steps in the right direction. For example, rather than cutting out all sugar, a mini-habit could be enjoying just one treat or soda a day.

Or rather than committing to never yelling at your kids again, the mini-habit could be counting to 5 before deciding to yell.

Or if you want to work out every day for an hour, instead the mini-habit could be just putting on your workout clothes.

Do you see a pattern?

Once we master these mini-habits by repeating them, they become part of us and no longer require thought.

Mini-habits are small and should be something that is one step in the direction you want to go - not too hard or scary.

The simpler it is, the more likely you are to stick to it and take it to the next step!

What mini-habit can you start TODAY?

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