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Being perfect doesn't mean what you think it does

Where I live, we are surrounded by oak trees. Okay, scrub oak, but still oak trees that drop acorns - everywhere!

These acorns fall all over our patio and driveway and my flower beds. And I spend a lot of time pulling out unwanted sprouted acorns.

But the amazing thing about acorns is that inside that very small nut is everything it needs to grow into an oak tree. So when an acorn falls in my flowerbed it can go to work doing what it was created to do.

As a human and specifically as a mother you are like the acorn because you have everything you need to become your best self right there within you.

You don’t need to look outside of you to fill this measure. No one knows better than YOU how to be the best mom and human you can be. You came to this earth with everthing needed.

Now that is not to say that you don’t continue to grow and develop and plant yourself in good soil. You can seek out good advice, and do research, but don’t assume that you are broken in some way and can’t grow into a beautiful version of yourself without something being different within you.

God created you as you….all of you!

You are perfect just as you are.

Don't let that pesky word “perfect” get in your way because I'd like to suggest you think of it differently than you probably currently do. The ancient Greek definition of perfect really means being complete.

So by that definition we are all perfect. We are all already complete as we are. Now we get to go to work growing and developing

Make that your mission for 2021.

How do you want to continue to growing into your completeness?

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