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The gift that keeps on giving

It is better to give than to receive." This is true, right? Well yes, giving helps us think of others and serve them. But it is also okay to allow for receiving so you have more to give.

Have you ever been so sick and thought "I just can't do one more thing" - like it is literally taking every ounce of energy you have to stay in an upright position?

We cannot give from a rundown, incapacitated state. We have to keep the scale balanced. If we are not receiving ourselves, we won't have anything to give.

I can feel myself tipping the scale way too much. With all that is happening in the world and how it is affecting me personally, I have been giving, giving, giving.

Giving by supervising at-home school for 4 children.

Giving by constantly worrying about the future.

Giving by struggling to balance my time.

I believe this is the time to do a self-evaluation and to decide what can be set to the side and what needs to continue to be a priority. This is not a time to judge or feel less-than. Rather it is a time of great empowerment and of making ourselves the #1 priority. When we fill our reserves, we will have more to give.

Receiving can look like saying no and being okay with that, or deciding at-home school that day isn't worth stressing over, or trusting yourself when making decisions for you and your family, or turning off the news, or taking a nap, or calling a friend.

No matter what phase of life you are in, it is always important to keep that scale balanced. The more we have, the more we can give!

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