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The truth in labels

If you pay any attention to product labels, I'm sure you've seen:





Silicone Free



All Natural


It's great that we have so many options.

It's also great that we can pick products that work well for us.

And that we can do research and learn what we want to put in and on our bodies.

Because of some health issues and allergies, over the past few years I have really made a push to improve the products we use in our house and family. I've taken the initiative and done my research and want to provide my family with the best, healthiest options to set them up for optimal health.

I didn't realize the impact that each and every ingredient can have on our bodies -- some good and some very, very detrimental. It's been a gradual, work in progress and I continue to learn new things every day.

I've also decided that I need to be just as picky about what I choose to believe and think.... particularly what I believe and think about myself.

I've been telling myself a lot of things over the years that I am now seeing are causing me a lot of pain and frustration. I have not been picking and choosing my thoughts.

I've been thinking some of these thoughts for so long that they are now firm beliefs. Because I haven't been picky (AKA reading labels), I didn't realize the damage these thoughts were having on me.

I am now {slowly} becoming more and more aware that I need to shift my thinking.

Of course I would love it if I could just instantly believe a new thought that is the total opposite of my current thought, but that isn't possible for me right now.

So right now I am trying on the thought: I am considering . . . .

I am considering that I have value to offer

I am considering that I am the best mom for my kids

I am considering that people want to hear my thoughts and ideas

This helps me see that I don't have to stay stuck in the same thought loops and that I don't have to make the giant leap to be perfect -- I am a work in progress... considering.

I love continually working on improving myself - both physically and mentally. I believe that is part of our education in this earthly life. I also believe the more we are striving to improve, the more able we are to help others.

So, I ask you, what is one limiting belief you could change by being open to considering?

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