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The two most powerful words

What comes to mind when you hear superhero?

Probably not elementary school ;). But this week at my little kids elementary school the focus is on teaching the kids to be smart with media and technology. And to make it fun, superheroes are the mascot.

I was able to volunteer during the lunch hour helping with activities to teach the kids their “super powers”:

I have the power to turn it OFF!

I have the power to tell someone!

I have the power to limit my use!

Using the superhero analogy we were able to get the kids excited about their powers and even challenged them to write down 10 of their very own super powers {AKA what makes them awesome} to bring back the next day for a prize.

One of the things I love about kids is that they see things as they are and they own it! I asked several students what one of their super powers are and I got awesome responses like:

I am so good at seeing when people need help

I am a good helper

I love to play with my siblings

I am so good at basketball

I can draw really well

What we SAY about ourselves is in fact our super power. Because what we say becomes who we are. A lot of times we may say things like:

I am so clumsy, I am always late, I don't know how, I can't, I am old and wrinkly, I am unlucky, I am tired . . .

Is that who we want to become?

When we SAY it, we BECOME it.

Used the right ways, our words can manifest into something awesome:

I am beautiful, I am strong, I am healthy, I learn new things, I am good enough, I can, I am a great mom, I am blessed, I am energetic, I am young, I am amazing!

Today I challenge you, just like those elementary aged kids, to WRITE down 10 of your super powers – what do you want to become? Start saying it now!

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