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Uncovering your inner-superhero

I did something last week that I am super proud of! Something that made me feel like a superhero or maybe even Wonder Woman :)!

As I've mentioned in previous emails, we have a large yard. A large yard that requires a lot of maintenance. It sometimes feels like I don't get to enjoy having the whole yard in tip-top shape because it's a constant maintenance regime. But, last week I worked on a very small portion of our yard and I'm going to bask in all its glory.

We have an area to the edge of our driveway that is narrow but still requires some plantings. The plants that were there were definitely not right. These plants needed more sun than they were getting and just made a mess all over the driveway. I decided enough was enough.

So last week I spent hours tearing out those established plants, cleaning up the dirt, and planting new, more appropriate plants. It was very, very hard work! Normally I would leave the digging up of old, established plants to my husband, but he was working and I just wanted this project done . . . . so, I did it all by myself!

Were there times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel? You betcha! But you know what I wanted even more? For this project to be done!!! I made myself the hero in this story. I was so sore the next day but all the soreness was worth it.

And now every time I walk out my side door or drive down the driveway, I get a look at that little spot of the yard and just feel so proud!! I remember how hard I worked and how focused I was on accomplishing that task.

Not that waiting for my husband's help would have made me any less-than, but I decided that it was important to me that I be the creator of my success.

In any situation we are in, whether it is one like this or one more involved where others are involved, we always have the option of deciding to be the hero. This can include parenting young children, having a difficult conversation, make a decision, and just about any other situation. And when given that choice, why not choose to be the hero every time?

It feels amazing, it creates more confidence in ourselves, it allows us to see other's needs and help and love them, plus it doesn't leave room for regret.

However, it is not always the easiest choice to make.

The easier thing for me would have been to wait for my strong husband to do the hard work for me. And yes, I still would have been glad that section of the yard looked better, but I wouldn't feel the immense connection and satisfaction that I do having done it myself - having chosen to do the work!

To be a hero requires being all-in, no matter what. Knowing that the outcome is always worth the effort.

It includes believing in yourself and your cause more than needing to be right or justified. It is taking the higher road and not looking back.

One of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself: how can I be the hero in this story? Let that be your guide and get ready to do great things!!

My weekly challenge to you: Stop right now and find one time this week that you chose to be the hero (not yelling at your kids, not posting a snarky comment online, eating healthy, etc), and then celebrate it!! Tell someone (respond to me), make a big deal about it, write it down - do something to show yourself how awesome it is when we are a hero!! And then decide to do it again this week.

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