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Why the world needs “Frozen.”

We are currently living during a very interesting, unprecedented time.

We have never experienced a time quite like this before and you might be wondering what is going on? During times like this, our brains want to go a little wild. It wants to run wild in what we should be doing, or feeling. It wants to create drama and panic because it thinks that is protecting us. Luckily we have the capability, if we decide to, of redirecting the brain and taking some control back. When we do this, we can allow more peace and calm.

And who would have thought that the wonderful “Frozen” movies would teach us so much about this? We all thought their song lyrics were like a virus because we couldn't get them out of our heads, but now might be the perfect time to start singing them. Here are some lessons from Anna and Elsa that totally relate to life right now.

It is important to know that these feelings of uncertainty and weirdness are normal. When we upset our normal routine, it is totally natural to feel out of sorts and unsure. But we don't have to sit in those feelings. We always have a choice. I am going to offer a few tips to help us move out of fear and into more peace.

1 • Know that the brain wants a job to do:

If you don't give it a useful job to do, it is going to run wild, especially during times of uncertainty. It is going to think you need to hoard all the toilet paper in the world. Or that you need to run to the store and buy anything and everything. Or that you should be watching news ALL day collecting evidence that the world is in fact ending.

This is where the choice comes in. As well as Anna’s great advice: just do the next RIGHT thing. You are allowed to give your brain a useful job to do. You could put it to work creating a schedule for your kids while they are out of school. You could decide to make the time at home a fun time as a family and find ideas for that. You could decide to search for recipes instead of more news stories.

Allow yourself to decide what the next right thing is for you and your family. Don't let the news or other people’s shopping carts determine that for you. You know! Trust yourself!

2 • Allow the feelings that come up:

Of course, we are going to feel some fear and worry right now. The key is not letting those feelings take over and drag us down. But also do not resist the feelings. Let them be there, acknowledge them, and then let the be with you but in a much quieter way.

Go about your day with a little bit of worry. Go to the store with a little bit of fear. Go to work with a little bit of concern. Rather than feeling SO worried, scared, and concerned and going about your day. Do you see the difference?

Elsa said it best when she told us to Let it Go! Acknowledging how you are feeling and allowing it actually do release it. Sounds counter-intuitive, but the more we ignore or resist it, the stronger it gets. Remember Elsa? The more she fought her powers, the stronger they became. Once she allowed them, she gained so much control back. To let it go, just tell yourself it's totally fine to be worried, but you've got it, you know the next right thing.

Hopefully if nothing else, this brought a smile to your face.

Now let’s go be kind and thoughtful and know we can handle whatever is coming our way!

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