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Why you feel out of control

I want you to stop right now and think about how many things happened to you today.

How many conversations did you have?

How many emails/posts did you read?

How many times did your kids do something?

And so on…..

This is not easy to do. A lot of stuff happens to us every day.

We pretty much just go through life letting a lot of it just happen to us.

And normally that is totally fine.

Unless you find yourself experiencing a lot resentment, anger, frustration, or disappointment.

Are those emotions you want to be experiencing on the regular?

I know I don't.

If you are like me and want to feel better, I have some fantastic news!

None of those external circumstances cause us to feel anything. They simply don't have that much power.

So you can read a post about how organized someone is --

You can have a conversation with friend who doesn't agree with you --

Your teenager can fail a class..

….and you don't have to have feel less than, frustrated, or angry.

Sound impossible?

It's definitely not!!

It just takes some awareness. Between the thing that's happening and our feeling about it is a thought. It is that thought that causes us to feel something.

That's good news because you have total control over your thoughts and you don't have any control over those things outside of you!

I've made this sound really easy, and it can be, but it is a lot easier if you have the guidance of someone who can show you your thoughts. That is where I come in - this is what I do with all my clients. And once they are aware of their thoughts, the magic happens. They feel so much better about life. They can manage tough moments in life. They develop deeper relationships. It's so fun to see the change happen! I'd love to offer that to you as well.

This week I would encourage you to find one circumstance that is causing you trouble. See if you can be aware of the thought you are having about it. And then decide if you want to change it.

Feel free to reply to me with questions or an example you can't quite figure out. Although I recommend doing coaching in person, a lot can happen through email/text. So don't be shy…..let me help!

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